Similar to sports, we have a few words we use on a frequent basis that can help clarify your decision.

Defect: A term frequently used when referring to a hernia. 

Epigastric Hernia: Found in the middle of the belly, below the breastbone and above the bellybutton. In this scenario, fat is pushing through weak parts of the muscle wall and it is common for the hernia to be small and for there to be multiples. 

Femoral Hernia: Often found in women, the tissue bulges from the lower belly into the upper thigh, just before the groin area. 

Incisional Hernia: Common for patients who have had surgery and their muscles didn't fully heal. 

Inguinal Hernia: Common hernia that occurs in the groin muscle.

Laparoscopic Surgery: Similar to Robotic Repair, a surgeon is operating on a patient using minimal incisions with handheld instruments and a 2D camera.

Robotic Repair: A form of surgery where the surgeon uses robotic assisted technology to fix a hernia and is able to see the internal organs using a 3D camera. This method is minimally invasive to your body and uses minimal recovery time. 

Umbilical Hernia: Found near or on the belly button, this hernia occurs when the intestines push through a weak spot in the belly. Often found in children.

Ventral Hernia: General term used for a hernia in the abdomen area.