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Database Passes 50,000 Patient Milestone

We are proud participants in this effort to continuously improve outcomes in hernia surgery. To date, we have contributed 246 of these patients. To learn more, click below…


3 Year Anniversary with Robotic Surgery

June 29, 2018

Our team celebrated our 3rd year and 300th case with robotic surgery.

7 Silent Signs You Have a Hernia

Reader's Digest

Learn the silent symptoms of a hernia so you can be aware of your body and if you need treatment.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center doctors participating in nationwide hernia collaborative

Gwinnett Daily Post | April 10, 2018

International Hernia Congress

American Hernia Society | March 12-15, 2018

Dr. Lewis gathered with surgeons from around to world in Miami, FL to expand his knowledge of hernia repair.

Inside the Future of Robotic Surgery

Bloomberg Markets | January 14th, 2016